Who's Who is a perk exclusive to the map Die Rise. It will always spawn in the first skyscraper.


Who's Who allows a downed player to create a clone of theirselves to revive them, armed only with an M1911 and two Fragmentation grenades. The user only has a certain amount of time until the downed player will perish. In that case, the clone will instead be playable. Should the clone succeed in reviving the downed player, they will keep all their perks, equipment and weaponry, but Who's Who itself is lost.


  • All items purchased when playing as the clone will be reimbursed if the clone revives the downed player.
  • If one were to fall off the skyscrapers with Who's Who, they will respawn, albeit with the loss of every perk they had, along with the weapons. The guns gets replaced with the M1911.