Galvaknuckles are a Melee Weapon introduced in the TranZit map of Black Ops II. They Also appeared in Town, Farm, Die Rise and Buried. They cost 6000 Points, making them the most expensive item in Zombies history.


  • In TranZit, they are on the Roof of the Diner, which can only be accessed by the Roof Hatch, a part that can also be used on the Bus.
  • In Town they are located at the bottom of the stairs in the Bar area.
  • In Farm they are located in the Shed, when the Claymores would be in TranZit.
  • In Die Rise, they are located halfway down the Elevator shafts in the collapsed side of the map, in a little room  after the second drop.
  • In Buried they are one of the Chalk selections in the Gunsmith shop, they can be drawn anywhere the player chooses.


The Galvaknuckles are a One Hit Kill up to Round 14. They will also prevent any zombies affected by Lava from exploding when killed.

Players can also use the Galvaknuckles to share points with others on TranZit and Buried by meleeing the Keys behind a desk on both maps, at a cost of 100 points for every 1000 they will share.