These Policies and Rules are the same for everyone, No one gets exceptions. If these rules are broken, a warning will be issued by a administrator or Bureaucrat, then a block if the following actions continue.

Policies Edit

  • All Users Are Equal

All users have the same rights and all rules apply to all users. This includes admins, beareaucrats, chat mods, etc.

  • Everyone Can Police The Wiki

All users are allowed to give others breaking rules warnings and such. If a user continues the behaviour they may be exhibiting, report them to an admin (Admins found to be breaking rules will recieve higher forms of punishment).

  • No Fanon

This is a non-fictional Nazi Zombies Wiki. It is strictly Canon. If you want to post Fanon, go to Nazi Zombies Plus.

  • No Advertisement

No advertising of any kind will be allowed on any articles. Whether or not it is a product of yours or someone else is not our concern, it will still be looked down upon and punished.

  • Credit Given Where Due

If a user does something credit worthy, credit will be given where it is due. Complete overhauls of articles, recognition of corruption of admins, etc.

  • No Vandalism

Vandalism will not be tolerated on this wiki. Anyone to be caught vandalising a page will recieve harsh punishment.

  • Mental Condition

If you have a mental condition that may affect your behaviour, you must state it on your profile. Otherwise, any kind of misbehaviour will be looked at as such.

  • Don't Delete Discussions

This rule is pretty straight forward. Don't delete discussions such as forums or anything of some similar matter.

  • Assume Good Faith

A universal Wikia policy, it is good to assume faith that an edit that may look like it's breaking policy may have just been a bad edit. Do not go out of your way to disrespect an edit/editor, and try to correct anything that may be wrong.

  • Trolling

Although trolling may be fun to some, it is completely annoying to others. Please keep it off this wiki, as it may not be tolerated. Punishment doled out will depend on what the Troll happened to be doing.